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Goodbye cards

1 March 2019 | 2 min read

The 50-year-old card system is costing us all billions per year in excessive transaction fees, fraud, and bad user experiences.

In the largest-ever class-action settlement of an antitrust case, Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc. agreed to pay between $5.54 billion and $6.24 billion to a class of more than 12 million merchants who accept the payment networks' cards.
[Sep 2018, Bloomberg]

It's about time we got rid of this outdated technology and the unnecessary restrictions that it places on our economic lives. It's time to stop feeding the fat cats.

Payment cards are still around because they make money for banks and card companies, not because they're the best solution for moving money.

What if we made a new way of paying from scratch and designed it to serve people and businesses in today's world? What if we created a payment network which doesn't depend on squeezing value out of the rest of the economy but on making meaningful additions to it instead?

The Card Cartel

A lot of money is made in the world of card processing. Visa and MasterCard alone are valued at more than half a trillion ($). Then there's the banks which take a share of the payment whenever you use your card. Plus a world of providers like Apple Pay who layer their fees on top of that.

So there's a big vested interest in this out-of-date system and keeping the game going. They don't want a drastically more efficient way for us all to pay if it means they don't keep getting their piece of the pie.

Our mission

Curl is here to be a drastically more efficient way for us all to pay. We're here to remove the card system from play, unseat the Card Cartel, and put a payment network in place which works a lot more clearly for the benefit of people and businesses.

And charities. Because they charge fees on donations too.

Curl brings massive improvements in security, cost and usefulness vs. cards, allowing for the creation of new products and user experiences which are not possible given the limitations of the current system.

And we don't charge fees on donations.

Smart payments

Curl works by @usernames and by turning your phone into a smart remote control for your bank account.

You make Smart Payments by telling your own bank account @who to send money to, and how much. You don't go around sharing highly sensitive information with others (like card details), even for online checkouts.

Fast and safe online

Seamless in shops

* Pay, collect your loyalty stamps, and get an itemised receipt… all without your phone ever leaving your pocket.

Easy amongst friends

Organised for businesses